Is your business remarkable, yet no one beyond your customers knows it?
Let’s get you some of that ‘brand recognition’.

Does your target audience know the real you? Telling your true story well is what we do well.
Let’s get you some of that ‘brand authentication’.

Do your customers and prospects understand the value you bring to their lives?
Are you staying relevant, fresh, and communicating with their needs in mind?
Let’s get you some of that ‘brand elevation.’

When you ‘brand elevate’ you raise the bar for your clients and competition.
When you tell your true story well, you give your business an edge
and rise above the marketing noise.

Be a Pro: Know Which File Format Is The Right One

.eps, .ai, .jpg, .gif, .pdf, .psd, .png... mindboggling, right? Let us help.  Your organization’s logo is the cornerstone of your brand. It’s also going to be the file most people request from you—placing an ad, sponsoring an event, developing marketing materials—your...

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Social Media Image Sizes: The Quick and Dirty Guide

Version: 2016.2.1 You’re merrily posting images to Facebook, Google plus, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter. Since life is simple and everyone wants your job to be easy, you can just throw your image up on to all of those sites and have it look great. Unfortunately,...

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It Ain’t All About the Turkey

TBC Thanks & Giving Ah, Thanksgiving. The turkey, the stuffing, the fixings, the desserts. The football, the parade, the togetherness. Or, you may need a little Adele to get you through the whole thing, like this hilariously on-point SNL skit from 2015:...

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The Brand Collective is a branding and marketing agency based in Maine.
We’re a team of designers, writers, brand strategists, and marketers
driven to take your business to new heights.

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Auburn, Maine 04210

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The Brand Collective

Is your business remarkable, yet no one beyond your customers knows it? Let’s get you some of that ‘brand recognition.’

162 Main Street

Auburn , ME

Phone: (207) 224-8972