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It Ain’t All About the Turkey

TBC Thanks & Giving Ah, Thanksgiving. The turkey, the stuffing, the fixings, the desserts. The football, the parade, the togetherness. Or, you may need a little Adele to get you through the whole thing, like this hilariously on-point SNL skit from 2015:...

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Today, You Vote.

Hey… It’s Nov. 8th. What are you up to? Voting. Voting is what you are up to. If you haven’t hit the polls yet, be sure to leave yourself plenty of time. The Portland Press Herald predicts Mainers will “…turn out in record numbers at polling places Tuesday to choose a...

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How to Hashtag like a Real #Millennial

Can you believe that less than ten years ago the ordinary and unpretentious pound sign was just a pound sign? Fast-forward to today and that same pound sign has since transitioned from a simple icon to being the cultural identifier for Millennials. Who knew the absurd...

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The Power of the Influencer

Warning: This post may make you die of jealousy.  Regardless of all the flack Millennials may get, they're killing it on social media, raking up hundreds of thousands of global followers. And you know what these Millennials are saying?  Show. Me. The. Money.  There's...

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Grammar Fails and 3 Tips to Avoid Them

Why grammar, punctuation and clean copy matters for your business. For most business owners, you have a website, a social media platform (you should!), and marketing materials such as business cards or a brochure, at the very least. If you’re killing it, you also have...

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Kerning So Bad I Can’t Even

Typography isn't just putting words on paper, it's making those words legible. The right choices in type can communicate a message more directly or imbue a word with emotional content beyond its denotated meaning. Typeface selection, weight, and size can all work...

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What Social Media Platform Should I Use?

You're more than likely aware of the fact that your business should be investing in social media. I mean, when 87% of small to medium-size businesses say social media helps their business; 74% of marketers see an increase in website traffic after investing just six...

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2 New Members Join the TBC Team

We've been busy growing over here at The Brand Collective and are pleased to introduce the newest members of our all-star TBC team: Sarah Morgan Karp, senior designer, and Molly F. McGill, senior writer. While they may be new to The Brand Collective, both are veterans...

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Better Branding Step by Step

Step #1: Know Yourself Getting to know YOU, Getting to know all about YOU... You eat, breathe, sleep and sweat your business. It's such a part of you, and you a part of it that it can be hard as heck to take a step back and really develop an objective brand strategy....

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A TBC Client Profile: MCHP

Founded in 1891 as a nursing school, Maine College of Health Professions develops leaders in the allied health professions through individualized instruction, hands-on clinical rotations, and accomplished faculty. The school offers associate degree programs in...

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