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Aimee Goodwin

Aimee Goodwin


Aimee is smart, meticulous, astonishingly creative, and never met a deadline she couldn’t keep. Her attention to detail, perfectionism and commitment to showing up 10 minutes early may occasionally annoy friends, but delights clients. Aimee takes any project – from a simple services brochure to a complex branding campaign – and delivers beautiful, functional design on time and on budget.

To Aimee, successful design balances form and function. Her work is graceful and visually arresting, sure, but it also induces viewers to action. In short, it sells. It also demands an eye for detail that borders on obsessive behavior.

Aimee takes the time to understand your business, relate to your customers, and help you overcome challenges. With a BFA from Alfred University and an MFA from Massachusetts College of Art, Aimee loves what she does, and her work has been recognized by the Massachusetts Interactive Media Council, American Corporate Identity, and the HATCH Awards.

Aimee was co-owner of the Boston-based web development company, Bottlecap Studios, and an adjunct faculty member at Massachusetts College of Art. For ten years, she soaked up the city and experiences that accompany exceptional colleagues and diverse clients.

Despite her cosmopolitan nature and experience, Aimee is a Mainer and chose to come home to raise her children, kick back at her family’s camp, and enjoy the way life should be.

Jennie Malloy

Jennie Malloy


Jennie may secretly delight in the mellifluous musings of Shakespeare and Tennyson, but she’ll never let on. For clients, Jennie writes with precision, clarity, and creativity. She makes the complex simple, the confusing clear. When you express yourself well and often, people remember you.

All this takes the right words and the right strategy. It’s not just about a good tag line; only an integrated and comprehensive campaign will help a company show how remarkable it is.

The chronic wearer of many hats, Jennie’s diverse professional experience includes acting, teaching, directing, strategic marketing, fundraising, event planning, business owning, and loads of writing. The sum adds up to creative communications. She’s worked with companies and non-profits both large and small. She can develop your campaign and carry it out, craft your message and write your copy. And she’ll do it with flair and a fiery commitment to your business’ success.

Although resigned to always being considered ‘from away’, Jennie loves to have made her home in Central Maine and is fascinated by its inhabitants’ penchant for the ham Italian. After seven years in the pine tree state, this Midwestern Francophile marvels at the opportunity to ski, swim, sail, hike, cut down a Christmas tree, go the the theatre, buy a fine wine, and hit up a farmer’s market without ever leaving Lewiston Auburn. What’s more, Jennie and her husband love raising their two kiddos in this wonderful place.

Jennie graduated magna cum laude from Middlebury College and spent a year in France as a Dillon Dunwalke Fellow, studying, working, and appreciating the finer things in life. She loves writing, branding, and marketing almost as much as she loves an un-oaked chardonnay from Burgundy.

Kayla Quesnel

Kayla Quesnel


Kayla oversees the internal systems at TBC and works behind the scenes on web development, client research, strategy, and project management. An even-tempered task master, Kayla keeps everyone on schedule, on deadline, and on target – with a smile and an inkling of sarcasm. 

Driven by top-notch work and an insatiable desire to make clients happy, Kayla attacks market research with fervor, studying your organization, your clients, your target markets, your competition, and your competition’s competition. She brings depth and data to your project to help hone your strategy and give your campaign a competitive edge.

Kayla’s real expertise lies in the digital space. On her way to becoming an official Facebook Blueprint certified professional, Kayla knows social media. But it doesn’t stop at Facebook. Kayla has a bag of tricks to ensure your voice is heard in an over-stimulated, over-sharing world. You’ll find her building your custom WordPress website, creating and implementing email marketing campaigns, creating and editing video content, and analyzing digital statistics to ensure you’re always on trend while remaining authentic to your brand story. 

Hailing from Middlebury, Vermont, Kayla graduated with a degree in communications from Castleton University. We attribute her easy-going calm and spirited optimism to those VT roots. When she’s not immersed in market research or submerged into the depths of your WordPress site, she’s waxing poetic about the health benefits of maple syrup and managing her famous puppy, Finley’s, Instagram account. 

Sarah Morgan Karp

Sarah Morgan Karp


Sarah is a direct communicator, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t like to make beautiful things. The challenge of delivering a message clearly while making its form pleasing drew her to graphic design. That, and genetics; she is a third generation designer who values her family’s roots in the arts and the unique perspective that history gives her. It also means that they didn’t think she was crazy for going to art school, which was nice.

Her philosophy is simple: For a design to work, its goal must be understood, its audience must be considered, and the parameters of its production must be treated as challenges, not limitations. She is a versatile designer and loves the process of watching a concept evolve into the final product.

Originally from Lansdowne, PA, Sarah graduated cum laude from Boston University with a BA in graphic design. Her migration north continued when her studies next took her to Maine Media Workshops, where she earned a professional certificate in photography.

Furthering her education first brought Sarah to Maine, but something else obliged her to stay. There is a drive here to create, be self-guided and independent that she admires. The midcoast readily became home, and she enjoys learning new ways to take advantage of whatever the seasons allow. Winter weather is no deterrent for outdoor movie nights and camping, while gardening, sailing, and hiking stretch across more of the year than is prudent. If she’s not at her desk, you’ll find this happy transplant in the woods.

Molly McGill

Molly F. McGill


Molly F. McGill has been a storyteller since birth. An ambitious go-getter with a knack for the written word, she wrote (and illustrated) a novella based on the book, The Secret Garden, at age 10 and hasn’t looked back. With a keen sense of voice and a passion to tell every story genuinely, Molly brings hard work, meticulous attention to detail, a deep respect for her subjects, and the dedication to roll her sleeves up and do the necessary leg work to elevate a story from ordinary to extraordinary.

A wordsmith with editorial prowess, Molly attacks projects with exuberance, humor and professionalism. She makes it a point to dig deeper than your average writer to assure that your story is told authentically and eloquently, and your brand is comprehensive and effective, resulting in high-impact results.

cum laude graduate of Champlain College in Vermont, Molly’s experience ranges from newspaper stringer to editor of numerous local, regional, and international glossy magazine publications. She’s also well versed in advertising and big platform branding from her time freelancing for clients across the United States.

A homegrown native of Lewiston-Auburn, Molly returned in 2008 after traversing the globe and living in Thailand for several years. She now lives locally with her husband, two undeniably adorable daughters, and ridiculously fluffy cat.

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