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Is your business remarkable, yet no one beyond your customers knows it? Let’s get you some of that ‘brand recognition’.

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Does your target audience know the real you? Telling your true story well is what we do well. Let’s get you some of that ‘brand authentication’.

Do your customers and prospects understand the value you bring to their lives? Are you staying relevant, fresh, and communicating with their needs in mind? Let’s get you some of that ‘brand elevation.’

When you ‘brand elevate’ you raise the bar for your clients and competition. When you tell your true story well, you give your business an edge and rise above the marketing noise.

Does Facebook Advertising Really Work?

The truth about whether or not you should be putting your hard-earned money toward Facebook advertising. You’ve seen the sponsored posts on Facebook and Instagram. You know the ones I’m talking about. The ones that make you fall in love with the pair of shoes made out...

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Italic vs Script: An Easy Breakdown of the Basics

What’s the difference between italic and script? They both tilt right, right? Italic verses Script Italic is a description for typefaces that are on an angle and they’re generally included as part of a type family. For instance, Adobe Garamond has multiple type...

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Branding Featurette: Sofia Fima

American designer, accomplished architect and local entrepreneur Dianna Pozdniakov connected with TBC in May of 2017 to rebrand her luxury handbag company, Sofia Fima. Inspired by fellow female professionals—whether plucky new hires, working moms seemingly always on...

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