Great Falls Insurance Company – Logo Design

Great Falls Insurance Company references an iconic and locally important part of the Twin Cities’ landscape (The Great Falls) in its name as their offices overlook the mighty Androscoggin River and the falls that join Lewiston and Auburn. But they aren’t the only ones to do so, and imagery of waterfalls, rock faces, and swirls of water have been exhausted in the visual presentation of these businesses, saturating the market. The challenge was to either eliminate or find a creative-yet-subdued way to reference the landmark that was so prevalent in their name uniquely within the logo, while staying true to the identity we helped the organization hone through key messaging.

As an insurance provider, the logo needed to instill customer confidence in the company without being too staid or corporate looking. We also wanted to highlight attributes such as viability, trustworthiness, and their personable approach.

The discovery process took us toward letterforms.

The end result uses no excessive elements and keeping the design as simple as possible (Only the “G” and “F” of the name featured) represents the company’s straightforward attitude and honesty. The use of a thick stroke represents stability and viability. The peripheral circle represents unity while giving it a contemporary feel.

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