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How to be a Media Advisory and Press Release Rockstar

Your company, business, or organization has some news or accolades to share with the world, sweet! So how do you get the word out and garner some publicity? Enter the media advisory and press release. Media advisories (sometimes called media alerts) and...

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Why Do I Need to Blog?!

You know you’re supposed to but why? It cuts into your Facebook stalking and online shopping time and it can be hard as heck to come up with new inspiring content, especially when you’re busy working your tail off day in and day out. So what’s the reasoning behind...

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Adventures in Stock Photography: Frankenchoke

Our graphic designers run into some pretty hilarious search results when looking for the right photography to accompany a project. Laugh along with us as we share some of our most precarious results in: Adventures in Stock...

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The Smart Group Executive Search

     Jessica Smart is the quintessential people person. She’s a tenacious go-getter, a savvy relationship builder and natural networker, and she’s a master conversationalist. Basically, she’s someone you want to talk to—not only because she’s a joy to converse with,...

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What is SEO?

Crawling, Indexing, Bots and Why it all Matters. You know it’s important and everyone talks about it, but you can’t help to think, what is this mysterious SEO anyway and why does it matter so much? SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization, but of course you already...

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Branding Featurette

Great Falls Insurance Company – Logo Design Great Falls Insurance Company references an iconic and locally important part of the Twin Cities’ landscape (The Great Falls) in its name as their offices overlook the mighty Androscoggin River and the falls that join...

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Free Website Builders vs. Hiring an Agency

The pros, the cons, and the absolutely absurd assumptions. Websites. Every business has one… or should. Consider your website an invaluable asset to your company, much like an employee. Seriously, your website is part of your sales and marketing team. Its job is to...

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How to Kill It with Your Blog

Simple tips to start successful blogging. Did you know that businesses that blog garner 97% more inbound links to their websites and 55% more website visitors than those who don’t? If you don’t have a blog, you’re missing the boat. What I hear most from clients when...

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4 Color Types You Need to Know Now

Stay true to your brand with CMYK, PMS, RGB and Hex Color is personal. A pale green may be evocative of verdant summer days for one person, but conjure visions of painful family meals in a chartreuse dining room for another. We feel color deeply; it effects our mood....

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Color Me NOT Confused

A simple guide to nailing color theory and reassurance in trusting your instincts. “What’s the best color for my logo?”  “What does the color purple mean?”  “Why is red the wrong choice for a bank’s ad...

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Our Picks: Best 2017 Super Bowl Commerials

On Sunday, February 5, chances are you joined the 100 million-plus audience tuning in to watch the Super Bowl. Whether you’re truly a fan of the teams competing for the Lombardi, or you get wrapped up in the social element of it all (nacho smorgasbord, anyone?), you...

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Keep Your Website Fresh

 Why your digital identity needs to stay up to date. You’ve put months into launching your website and it’s finally live. Now that it’s up for the world to see, you can just sit back and relax, right? Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Not even a little bit. Your...

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