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4 Color Types You Need to Know Now

Stay true to your brand with CMYK, PMS, RGB and Hex Color is personal. A pale green may be evocative of verdant summer days for one person, but conjure visions of painful family meals in a chartreuse dining room for another. We feel color deeply; it effects our mood....

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Color Me NOT Confused

A simple guide to nailing color theory and reassurance in trusting your instincts. “What’s the best color for my logo?”  “What does the color purple mean?”  “Why is red the wrong choice for a bank’s ad...

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Our Picks: Best 2017 Super Bowl Commerials

On Sunday, February 5, chances are you joined the 100 million-plus audience tuning in to watch the Super Bowl. Whether you’re truly a fan of the teams competing for the Lombardi, or you get wrapped up in the social element of it all (nacho smorgasbord, anyone?), you...

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Keep Your Website Fresh

 Why your digital identity needs to stay up to date. You’ve put months into launching your website and it’s finally live. Now that it’s up for the world to see, you can just sit back and relax, right? Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Not even a little bit. Your...

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Resolutions To Live By: 5 Ways To Bring Your A-game In 2017

Ah, the heralding in of a new year. It’s when we bid farewell to the old and welcome the new, looking forward with ambition, hope, and honed determination. It’s also when we make pretty ridiculous resolutions. Forget the gym membership, that pledge to visit Fiji, or...

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Brand Check Yourself

Resolve to Have Consistent Visual Language We get it. You downloaded a really cute new font which you couldn’t wait to use. You got a great deal on yellow t-shirts even though your company colors are navy and gray. You could fit everything on that banner if you just...

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Be a Pro: Know Which File Format Is The Right One

.eps, .ai, .jpg, .gif, .pdf, .psd, .png... mindboggling, right? Let us help.  Your organization’s logo is the cornerstone of your brand. It’s also going to be the file most people request from you—placing an ad, sponsoring an event, developing marketing materials—your...

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Social Media Image Sizes: The Quick and Dirty Guide

Version: 2016.2.1 You’re merrily posting images to Facebook, Google plus, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter. Since life is simple and everyone wants your job to be easy, you can just throw your image up on to all of those sites and have it look great. Unfortunately,...

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It Ain’t All About the Turkey

TBC Thanks & Giving Ah, Thanksgiving. The turkey, the stuffing, the fixings, the desserts. The football, the parade, the togetherness. Or, you may need a little Adele to get you through the whole thing, like this hilariously on-point SNL skit from 2015:...

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Today, You Vote.

Hey… It’s Nov. 8th. What are you up to? Voting. Voting is what you are up to. If you haven’t hit the polls yet, be sure to leave yourself plenty of time. The Portland Press Herald predicts Mainers will “…turn out in record numbers at polling places Tuesday to choose a...

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How to Hashtag like a Real #Millennial

Can you believe that less than ten years ago the ordinary and unpretentious pound sign was just a pound sign? Fast-forward to today and that same pound sign has since transitioned from a simple icon to being the cultural identifier for Millennials. Who knew the absurd...

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The Power of the Influencer

Warning: This post may make you die of jealousy.  Regardless of all the flack Millennials may get, they're killing it on social media, raking up hundreds of thousands of global followers. And you know what these Millennials are saying?  Show. Me. The. Money.  There's...

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