Auburn Savings

The Starting Point

Auburn Savings has been a banking staple in the Lewiston-Auburn community for more than 128 years. With the appointment of a new bank president in 2016, and the rollout of several new, high-tech products geared at capturing a broader demographic, Auburn Savings felt it was time to embark on a serious brand uplift.

With little to no branding done over the years, the bank felt that it was too “vanilla.” What sets Auburn Savings apart—the aspects that make this bank truly unique—was not being communicated effectively. The time was right to make a splash and reintroduce the community to Auburn Savings.

Brand Authentication

The first step to any rebranding: getting down to the nitty-gritty. We audited every aspect of the bank to make sure we understood the past, present, and future vision, and honed in on the talking points that stood out as potential market captures or items that would resonate and communicate well with the community it serves. In collaboration with Auburn Savings Board of Directors, staff, and customers, we identified what made the bank tick—what was its driving purpose—and what made customers choose Auburn Savings over the competition.

After several months of in-depth interviews and evaluations, strategy, planning and retooling, we were able to identify the core of Auburn Savings and begin work on how best to present that to a greater audience.

Brand Elevation

Welcome a refreshed and reinvigorated Auburn Savings brand featuring new logo; new tagline; user-friendly mobile-friendly website with new messaging; social media Facebook Page; marketing materials; and internal communications imbued with the wholesome, caring, and personalized service the bank genuinely values.