Our Creative

Austin Associates

The Starting Point

Austin Associates came to us in search of consistency, clarity, and creativity. They claimed their communication materials lacked a cohesive message and design, and they felt their logo didn’t represent who they truly were. We we’re brought on to rebrand the organization.

Brand Clarification

As with every project, we started by getting to know everything we could about Austin Associates. Research, surveys, and lots of question-asking. It all leads to who the company really is, who its clients really are, and what it should be communicating to clients and prospects. That strategy informs all aspects of brand identity.

Brand Authentication + Integration

We developed a fresh new logo designed to reflect the company’s personality and values and to resonate with its targeted clients. With a new logo, color palette, and some simply honed messages, we developed a series of brochures and print materials that focused on their diverse service areas.