Our Creative

Lewiston Auburn Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce

The Starting Point

Rebranding a membership organization of more than 1200 unique members is an incredible challenge and immense opportunity. We were privileged to be a part of it.

Brand Authentication

Over an accelerated 8-month timeline, we interviewed, surveyed, and talked to LA Metro Chamber board members, staff, active members, inactive members, and members of the Lewiston Auburn community in order to capture the essence of who the organization is; what it means to our communities; what perceptions exist – both positive and negative; the value it brings to business owners, leaders, and professionals; and how it should position itself for the future.

Brand Elevation

The result is a refreshed brand grounded in a rich history but future-facing; a new website that is highly user and mobile-friendly, (lametrochamber.com), and an authentic, yet reinvigorated identity whose energy, optimism, and momentum matches that of the Lewiston Auburn metropolitan area itself.

The Lewiston Auburn Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce challenges business and community to build, to lead, and to thrive.