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Promise Early Education Center

The Starting Point

A vital organization in the Lewiston-Auburn community for more than 50 years, Androscoggin Head Start and Child Care (AHSCC) offers children the highest quality early education and whole-family support services to parents and caregivers. But AHSCC felt its true story wasn’t being heard. With minimal branding and marketing efforts made over the course of its 50-year history, the organization felt it had allowed others to define its story rather than shape and promote it themselves. Few outside the organization fully understood the value and depth of its educational programming and support to children and families in Androscoggin County.

AHSCC came to us and asked us to help them crystalize their message and tell their true story well. They were ready for a refreshed future.

Brand Authentication

It began with strategic branding work. We collaborated with AHSCC to develop a brand strategy—the primary goal of which was to create a full, authentic vision for who the organization is and where it is going. We knew from the start that AHSCC’s story was an important one to tell. We just needed to help them shape and tell it.

With more than a year’s work of research, strategy, planning, and in-depth focus groups with staff, families, board members, and community partners, we were able to identified the essence of who AHSCC is and what it means to families; what perceptions exist—both positive, negative, and neutral; and the value it brings to children, families, and the community. Market research supported our recommendation to change the organization’s name, a recommendation we did not make without significant consideration.

Brand Elevation

The result is a rebrand: new name, new logo, key messaging, website, and communications materials. We realized that we needed to break through the barriers of people’s perceptions—positive, negative, or indifferent—of the words ‘Head Start’ to more accurately reflect who the organization is and what it does for the children and families it cares so much about. Hello, Promise Early Education Center.


People should know, for example, that more than 90% of Promise students meet or exceed developmental targets for school readiness after just one year in their program. At a time when the national conversation about the importance of early childhood education is coming into sharp focus, Promise Early Education Center leads the charge with evidence-based curricula and degreed, licensed teachers. It’s all about the learning. And all about the child, educating the whole child and preparing that child for success in school and opportunity beyond.

The history is strong. The story is true. Our work with Promise Early Education Center has been more about repositioning the organization so that it remains relevant as it continues to respond to the evolving needs of its most important constituents—the children and families of Androscoggin County. Welcome to Promise Early Education Center where every child, every family has promise.