Our Creative

Roopers Beverage and Redemption

Roopers Beverage and Redemption opened in 1992 as a fledgling Lewiston-based bottle redemption center and has grown to become a Maine beverage, redemption and wholesale distribution icon. Over the years there had been a whole lot of growth, but nill-to-none brand reinforcement and a marketing strategy that lacked focus.

Brand Authentication

We met with the Roopers team several times to get the inside scoop on their history, what drives them, and their vision for the future. Due to the number of sponsorships and advertising agreements that was described to us, a full analysis and overview of all outgoing marketing initiatives was imperative to get a baseline.

Brand Elevation

We created the company’s first ever verbal brand guide—giving a comprehensive voice, tone and script for success. In concert with the verbal arm of the brand, we fine-tuned and tweaked a new logo they recently had done, added in an icon and ironed out a branded color palette.

We introduced the revamped Roopers’ brand by designing and orchestrating the replacement of all exterior and sponsorship signage. Next we cleaned up the website, infusing it with key messaging and updated imagery, and introduced targeted strategy and brand appropriate posts to their social media accounts. We conceptualize, create and produce a monthly social media video to help heighten brand awareness and reach, while also selling products.  We also manage, create and orchestrate all advertising. The result of all these efforts has been a $2milllion increase in revenue from October 2017 to August 2018.